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Mattress Cleaning

Your bedroom mattress is one of the most important items in your home. It provides you with a comfortable place to rest both at night and when you are feeling ill. Your mattress is the place when you spend intimate time with your spouse or significant other and where you may even spend a weekend morning bonding with your children. As important as your mattresses are to every member of your family it seems somewhat astonishing that most of us, don’t clean our matresses as often as we should, especially when you consider all the benefits of periodically cleaning your mattresses.

Benefits of Thoroughly Cleaning Your Mattresses

Experts state that you should have your mattresses steamed cleaned two or three times a year and point out several benefits of cleaning your mattresses. These benefits include:

A better Night’s Sleep

Steam cleaning your mattresses removes dirt, dust, dead skin cells, perspiration and residue of body and hair oils than can cause itching, coughing and sneezing.

Reduced Risk of Health

The dust & dirt from your mattresses can increase allergy symptoms & increase asthma attacks as well as effect even healthy respiratory symptoms from breathing in dust & dead skin cells.

Improved Bedroom Air Quality Cleaning your mattresses periodically will also improve the overall air quality of your bedroom, not only making breathing easier, but allowing you to enjoy the time spent in this room and your bed even more enjoyable.

We Can Clean Those Mattresses For You

Here at Plainview Carpet Cleaning we can clean those mattresses for you. Our skilled and experienced mattress cleaning technicians and our state of the art cleaning equipment and organic cleaning products combine to clean your bedroom mattresses deep down removing dirt, stains and odors. Our mattress cleaning technicians will begin your mattress cleaning by thoroughly vacuuming your mattress top, bottom, and sides as well as your box springs to remove all loose dirt, dust, pollen and dead skin cells and other debris. They will then, should it be needed pretreat your mattresses for stains and odors and then steam clean your mattresses removing all dirt, stains and odors as well as killing any lingering germs and bacteria.

Residential & Commercial Cleaning

We are proud to be able to provide both residential & commercial mattress cleaning services. Whether you have a one bedroom apartment or home, a large house, or run a local B&B or hotel we will be more happy to meet your mattress cleaning needs.

Our Mattress Cleaning Equipment

Our state of the art steam cleaners have powerful built in extractors that will remove most of the moisture from your mattresses so they will dry faster reducing the chances of mold & mildew growth.

In addition, our Organic cleaning products, will remove dirt and odors without leaving behind any harmful toxic chemical odors or residue. Your mattresses will not only look and feel cleaner they will also smell cleaner and fresher as well.

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